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Note: While looking for an old email which I have saved in a special folder in my file on my PC, I found the following and thought it is worth publishing again. This saw print way back in 1994 through Kuwait Times, one of the two English newspapers existing then in Kuwait and of which I was hired as writer and Editor assigned to ‘Pinoy News.’ Reading it has brought back a lot of good old memories and allow me please to take you back in time . . .

Three months have passed since ‘Pinoy News‘ first came out of the press (today’s the fourteenth issue). It is worthy to note that over the period the paper has developed a tremendous sense of pride among the Filipino community. It has given the Filipinos something to identify with and something to help develop their sense of well-being. Being away from home, the paper has become a symbol to majority of something which is concrete, a proof that something is being done to ease their loneliness and homesickness. Its ever-increasing number of followers and supporters proves that Pinoy News is indeed a worthy project.

In answer to a popular demand to include more news items, Pinoy News comes to you today in two pages. Its coming out in more than one page, although still not enough, is very timely and we, from Kuwait Times, are more than happy to share with the Filipinos this latest breakthrough.

The Filipinos, in more ways than one, have shown an example of unity and cooperation to the other expatriate communities in Kuwait. Their active involvement in almost all aspects of the society proves their versatility and ability to adapt to any given situation. Anywhere they go and whatever they do, the Filipinos have always been known to constantly find time to enjoy and to have some kind of a preoccupation which would somehow ease their rather monotonous and boring life while working abroad.

Out of necessity and out of love for adventure, Filipinos go out of their country and experience the lives of other people from different places. Like any other nationals who leave their own countries for greener pastures, the Filipinos are no far different in terms of financial pursuits. The only difference, I should say, is that a Filipino would go out of his way to find means of occupying his time, energy and even financial resources. So you will see them group together anywhere, anytime and at whatever purpose and number. As the popular saying among the Filipinos goes: “Where there are two Filipinos together, there you will find two organizations as well.

One of the many characteristics you will find in every Filipino is his thirst for information. Be it a newspaper, a magazine, a brochure, a pamphlet, a pocketbook or just any piece of written information, a Filipino would always find time to read. Not only because of a feeling of isolation one experiences in a foreign country but also for an inner desire to know and then be able to share or echo what he just learned to a friend and even to a non-acquaintance.

If you go around the city, you will always find a Filipino either sitting relaxed in a restaurant or simply sprawled on the pavement reading. Look closely and you are more likely to notice one or two carrying a folded newspaper. Even in buses where sometimes it takes more than an hour to reach a destination, you will find a Filipino reading his way through.

Every person is multi-faceted. Multi-talented and multi-dimensional as well, a Filipino, unlike any other creatures on earth, is a blending of so many races and cultures. Just try and pick one Filipino and have a closer look at him. There is a Chinese in him in the slant of his eyes. You can see a Japanese in him as well in body built. Let him talk and you can hear a blending of the East and West. Listen to him as he reasons out and you can glimpse an open-mindedness which he most likely got from his ancestors, who from one generation to another, have mixed from one different race to another. There are far more ways in which a Filipino is proven to be a mixture of different nations. The list can go on and on. It is for this reason that a Filipino is easily adaptable to changes. Changes for the better and even changes for the worse.

As we all go on with our day to day life, no one can deny us the need to inform and be informed at the same time. It is for this very reason that the papers exist. People need to know and impart something in return. The Pinoy News is especially created in a way to help fill up this universal need in every Filipino in Kuwait.

At this very moment through this column, Pinoy News merely informs. As we go on with the upcoming issues the information that this writer would gather from the readers would serve as the silent contributions of the reading public.  Through your interactions with one another an issue or two is being produced. It might not be worth informing others about them but the feelings and emotions involved which somehow make us human are more informative than any other obvious happenings in this world.

Let this column be your silent voice and the fulfillment of your silent dreams!




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Freda Editha O. Contreras
Writing is a God-given talent which I try to utilize the good way. I used it as a means to earn a living, my very first job after graduating from college, when I got hired as an Information Writer by the Provincial Government of Antique through Governor Enrique A. Zaldivar in January 1982. By profession, I am a Registered Nurse, and was only able to practice it when I got recruited to work in a private hospital in Kuwait. This was in November 1987 and since then I have been living in Kuwait, now retired since June 2002. Because of my knack in writing I got hired in 1994 to write for Kuwait Times and later became an Editor of 'Pinoy News' a weekly supplement of KT. In March 1996 I published the very first independent Filipino newspaper in Kuwait and the Gulf bannered as Pinoy Expat News or PEN. The paper lasted for only 10 weekly issues. This was followed by another publication and came out first as an insert of an ad paper and later as a separate tabloid. I used then 'Pinoy News' as it was my idea the first time it was used for Kuwait Times. This again failed and produced only three weekly issues. I then turned to the Internet and in 1999 I got hired as a Contributing Editor of, a writers' portal on the web. The last of my articles was published December 31, 2002 but my topic 'Overseas Filipino Workers' was still visible until January 2006. All the 38 articles I wrote have been compiled into a book which I published in August 2007. I discovered blogging in 2006 but was not really serious about my writing. I wrote according to my whim. Having this blog under my own domain name is now a welcome development and I plan to concentrate again in writing. As is commonly said: "A writer will always be a writer."

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