Barangay Mapatag Observes Tree Planting Day

Mapatag’s Punong Barangay Ms. Leonisee “Api” O. Mierla, led the OFCI Antique officers and members, as well as children and young people, for a tree planting activity on the surrounding empty spaces of the upland UCCP Cemetery, in observance of Let’s Do It Philippines’ 2nd Nationwide Cleanup and Tree Planting activities held, September 17, 2016.

Barangay Captain Leonisee "Api" O. Mierla and OFCI Antique Secretary Acay Edelmira Onifa, are shown here holding tree seedlings given by DENR, preparatory to planting.

Barangay Captain Leonisee “Api” O. Mierla and OFCI Antique Secretary Acay Edelmira Onifa, are shown here holding tree seedlings given by DENR, preparatory to planting.


Converging at the OFCI Multipurpose Center and Anita’s Kitchen, the “planters” had an informal parade on their way to the upland cemetery nearby, as soon as the Barangay Captain arrived after settling a minor squabble between two residents at the Barangay Hall.

It was a fruitful endeavor, ushering a lifetime partnership between the local government unit officials and OFCI Antique members in the realization of improving Mapatag and the people, not only in terms of preserving its rich natural resources but also in the maintenance of its cleanliness and keeping it GREEN!


Trees planted – 100 in all – were donated by the Provincial Office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), through its Director, Ms. Vivian Barillo.


OFCI Antique is now tasked to honor the partnership forged with the Let’s Do It Philippines, through Art Alvarez, in continuing to work on mitigating the effect of climate change, and in coordination with the Mapatag Barangay Council and the Mapatag Elementary School teachers and pupils, Mapatag, one day, will be known as the most CLEAN and GREEN of all the Barangays in the Province of Antique!


The young people and children, the real hope of our Motherland! And the future leaders and caretakers of Mapatag, trained and exposed early in their lives, for a better tomorrow!


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