When Bones Degenerate Fast and Become Too Porous

NORMALLY, a postmenopausal woman’s bones degenerate gradually and later Osteoporosis sets in. With treatments, taken religiously, coupled with regular visits to a bone specialist, bones can function well even if a woman reaches the age of 70 or even 80.

In my case, my bones degenerated fast and early and are now too porous. This is so because of an early menopause – at age 43 – when all my reproductive organs were surgically removed in November 2000 because of cancer. But even before the early menopause, my bones were already porous and very brittle because of a rare bone affliction known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta I inherited from my father.

I have been since long diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis of the lumbar spine, a condition in which my Lumbar 4 slides forward my Lumbar 5 and this causes pain and numbness and weakness of the lower extremities. I also have multi-level narrowing (stenosis) of the inter vertebral spaces, from Lumbar 4 and 5 to Sacral 1 and 2.

An image of my skeleton as picked up by a PET Scan. The dark spots are “uptakes” which show abnormalities and unusual findings.

During a big fall in August 2016 which fractured my left knee cap (patella), my back also got affected and for three days following the fall, I couldn’t move my back. I was on a continuous pain-killing drips and IM injections. When I went to meet the Spinal Surgeon following up my lower back problems at Al Razi Bone Hospital, he ordered for MRI of my back. Please read a related story

He then recommended surgery and referred me to the head surgeon of the Spinal Department. He also ordered PET scan to rule out any bone primaries. The result is as follows:

Findings of the PET Scan as contained in a Report.

Surgery, according to Dr. Rida, the Head Surgeon, is not possible because my bones are too porous they won’t be able to hold the rods and screws which are needed to be fixed at my back in order to correct the condition. I have no other choice but to only be medically managed. I will be given a steroid injection direct to my back on April 13, 2017 and will be repeated according to the doctor’s discretion. I have been also prescribed with the following meds:

The Aclasta injection (bone-strengthening solution), which I took in the past three consecutive years, was no longer prescribed this year. The Endocrinologist said that it won’t do anything anymore to my bones because of my age. I only have to take Vitamin D with Calcium and a once a month dose of Vitamin D3 50000 IU.

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