Diagnostics 101: CT Scan

CT scan or CAT scan is Computerized (or Computed) Tomography which works the same way as an X-Ray – only that the images taken are more enhanced and detailed, thus making it more accurate.

The CT scanner is like a large doughnut-shaped machine with an attached long table where a person to be scanned lies flat. While a body part is being scanned, it goes through a revolving X-Ray and images are being picked up and viewed via a computer.

Next to plain X-Ray, CT scan has been my most ordered diagnostic procedure and in the past 17 years, since my initial diagnosis of a very rare cancer – Leiomyosarcoma of the uterus – in October 2000, my body has been periodically subjected to it in accordance with the Oncology standard protocol. The first three years post-diagnosis, I got scanned every three months; then twice a year during year four and five. It was then yearly from the sixth year until the tenth year.

After the tenth year, the standard protocol is for a biennial one but in my case, I was still scanned yearly and only on the twelfth year I got started with every two years scanning. The very first CT scan two years after the last one showed a suspicious soft tissue growth in my pelvic area. It turned out to be a recurrence after the tumor was removed surgically last October 17, 2014.

Through the years there have been lesions, nodules, size increase and areas of haziness picked up inside my body by the too-often-a-CT-scan I went through. They all come and go but two areas have been persistently showing which merit a mention. It’s a one centimeter nodule in my left adrenal gland and a “splenule” (small nodule in the spleen). I have had lesions discovered before in my pancreas, right shoulder, left breast and right lung but they are now all gone because no mention of them in the report in the past two years or so now.

After the recurrence in 2014, I got scanned every four months in the first two years and on this third year, every six months. The first six-monthly scan this year 2007 was done in February and the second one is very recent, August 13, 2017. Both reports noted the two nodules in my adrenal gland and spleen, but there have been no increase in size.

Unremarkable study. Stationary course.” These were the Impression noted in the report.

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