Ever Heard of Polypharmacy?

I used to be branded as a “walking pharmacy” but now a more proper and the right medical term has been coined – Polypharmacy. This I learned lately while reading through one of my health email alerts.

It is a condition or a situation where one is taking more than three major medicines in a day for managing various ailments in the body. The term fits me well because I take 18 types in a day, numbering all to 33, excluding the two Insulin pens.

With quite a lot of medical conditions, diagnosed one after another after cancer was discovered in my uterus via a myomectomy in October 2000, I can readily claim that what have been keeping all my diseases at bay are these various medicines I take on a daily basis. For each of the major diseases I have, I take specific medicines, prescribed by quite a number of specialists in Kuwait, and each type has different dosage and frequency. I have to be extra alert during refill time of my pill organizer! And I have to double check each bunch of the meds before imbibing them.

They all come in different sizes, shapes, colors and tastes, with Xanax (colored pink) as the most bad-tasting of all! I drink lemonade with fresh orange juice three times a day, along with specific medicines, with the after breakfast numbering most at 12. It’s quite a handful and I get to scoop them all at the same time and wash them down my throat with the juice!


These are my daily after breakfast meds, numbering all to 12. I also take two 30 minutes before and five in-between breakfast, making it all to a total of 19!

Known in social media to be health-challenged, I get to be approached regularly by various agents, each one claiming to high heavens that his or her product is the best, and it used to irritate me a lot but after discovering that my irritability is part and parcel of my bipolar disorder, I consciously tamed my bold reactions to each one of them. They can’t really be avoided because Facebook is a public portal, of which each one of the users understands that privacy is one thing which cannot be fully enjoyed.

As I continue to give more time to my blogging I will present each of my health conditions and the corresponding medicines I take, for everybody’s knowledge.

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