Flashback: September 11, 1990

11th September 1990, Tuesday    Off

Was supposed to go to Lily’s place but I was still sleeping when she came for me at 2 pm. Was really very sleepy and wasn’t able to call up Walid at 3 pm as my usual way. Woke up at 6:30 pm, cooked my supper, ate and started washing. Cleaned the room and took a bath and watched T.V. with Sunitha.

There was a big explosion and firing at 12: 30 am over Salmiyah area. Told Walid about it when I called him at 1:15 am. We talked for nearly 2 hours. He told me that he has transferred his video to the other room where his brothers-in-law are watching. He wants to concentrate on me, he said. He learned his lesson quick!

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