How Trauma Affects One’s Mental Health

Trauma, either physical or emotional/psychological, triggers abnormal activities in the brain, the so-called neurotransmitters, which are responsible for the fight or flight reaction of all living organisms. This is mostly observable in a human being and will only differ, in intensity, between a healthy and an ill human brain.

I lately learned of the intricacies of the human brain, in my conscious effort to learn more and understand my mental illness, which is bipolar disorder. What I learned during my Nursing education years, some 40 or so years ago, have now evolved into a more complex subject because of the discoveries in science, especially the modern diagnostic and/or therapeutic gadgets. Now, the human brain can easily be studied and it has led to understanding the many chemical imbalances characteristic of each of the different afflictions affecting the brain. Thus, bipolar disorder, previously named as manic depressive disorder, finally got its place on the list of most prevalent mental illness around. With its identification, came the numerous researches on how it can be treated and managed.

A normal brain can easily recover from any trauma but if regularly subjected to traumas, the brain impulses can go haywire, resulting to chemical imbalances, thus leading to what is known as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Stress, yes, the number one disturbing element of the human brain, differs, as well, in intensity, between a healthy and an ill human brain.

What am I driving at, folks? To tell you honestly, I just wanted to inform you that because of my recent physical trauma, depression has again set in and with it came the lack of interest in doing what I love doing. I tried to fight it, strictly following, as ever, what the experts advise, but with a lot of other stressors coming non-stop into my daily life, I just don’t have the stamina to do it. So, I resorted to taking an extra dose of antidepressant and voila, here I am, back to my usual talkative self!

You may say that I am becoming drug dependent, but, hey, you are not facing the same triggers that I face! And don’t get me wrong, please, I am not trying to be defensive. No, not at all! Am simply telling you, and asking you, to be understanding of what goes on inside the brain of a mentally ill person, such as I!

Yes, I suffer with mental illness and I am not ashamed to admit it. It is high time that people who suffer the same start acknowledging their illness. Because only then, they can get to manage it and live as normally as the rest of the human race!


In every illness, the affected should always consciously work in getting the right treatment or management. It is always a big PLUS for one to be pro-active and assertive and also to advocate for one’s health. As in my case, my psychiatrist and I worked closely for a year and experimented on different drugs – its dosage and frequency – until we reached the combination which is finally working. Triggers are always coming unannounced and having knowledge on how they can affect my body, I got prepared to do what is needed so I don’t go down to that stage where I will end up wishing and actually attempting to kill myself! Never again!

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