Learning from a Pitfall

Facebook’s latest feature of “On This Day” is now the trend among majority of users. It is especially being utilized to fill in a post gap for a given day and also a great way of looking back a year, two years, three years or four years prior to what transpired in one’s life. Am no exception, and, in fact, I have been sharing freely on this blog old Facebook posts of mine, and even before this new feature of highlighting a particular day in the past.

Here is a post I made a year ago today, September 12, 2015, and may you learn something from what I revealed, a shortfall which has made me the more determined to change for the better.

Life, indeed, is a continuous learning process and as I got aware of another “fall”, in my effort to effect a major change in my life, I am now the more determined.

I again jeopardized my health, by staying awake for almost 24 hours, keeping an eye on the activity of OFCI-Antique in Mapatag. I deliberately didn’t take my meds, so I will stay awake. I got aware of the sudden appearance of the manic phase of my bipolar disorder over a week ago and when I am in that stage, I am so full of energy and I continuously believe that I can do anything and everything!

So, yes, I did accomplish something, and the previous posts of Stephen Kenneth Risco Eliserio have proven it as he reported of their group’s trip to Mapatag until the culmination of the symposium, but, did it make me any better? Nope!

I again missed following my newest mantra, and that is to have my ailing health a PRIORITY over and above everybody and everything!

And so, I LEARNED something today! Again!

I wonder, how many more pitfalls will I encounter until I get to perfect that CHANGE I willingly imposed on myself?

As I keep on saying: change, especially a major one, is not an instant thing. But awareness is really very important because that will make you move or act on that something which you would want changed!

Do you agree with me, folks?

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