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SINCE owning a Personal Computer (PC) in the late 1995, I took to typing letters to my loved ones and friends in the Philippines, printing them and mailing them via postal service in Kuwait. Majority of those letters were saved in floppy disks, which to my great frustration, can’t be used anymore. A few though were saved on my PC and I shared once on this personal blog of mine a letter sent to my mother informing her of Waleed’s efforts for us to get married despite opposition from his siblings.

Here’s another letter sent to my mother, copied as is, from a saved file on my PC:

15th July 1998

Dearest Mama,

            Our love and warm greetings to you! We hope that you are always in the best of health.  We are sending as well our sincere wishes for a “Happy Birthday.”  Do take care of yourself so you will live long enough to see your great grandchildren from the children we are still to produce.

            We are still working on having a child.  I will resume treatment – for temporary infertility – this last week of July – on the second day of my monthly period, which is more likely to be on the 27th of July.  We hope and pray that God will give us a child.

            How are you Ma?  Are you seeing your doctor regularly?  I’m sure Nening Teresita is not neglecting you and I really am glad she is there to take care of you on my behalf.  I hope that you are not staying in bed all the time.  You need to exercise and the best way is by walking.  Why don’t you take a short walk every morning on the beach?  It will do you good.

            Waleed has been promoted recently but it will take another six months before he gets a raise from his salary.  He is now working on a special project and he had been designated as Project Manager, working directly under the second biggest man in the whole of Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC).  Waleed is a very hard-working employee and he is very diligent and I’m sure he will reach further.  His boss has already recognized his potentials and he is making good use of his talent and intelligence.  Actually he has two bosses, the new one who is the Deputy Chairman and the other one is his previous boss.  His previous boss is not letting him go so he is also depending on Waleed for his reports at the end of every month.

            I’m very happy to inform you that Waleed’s family has finally accepted me.  They asked for me to join the family gathering every Wednesday and Friday and I started joining since three months back.  Waleed’s family is very close to one another and his sisters (three of them) and brothers (also three of them) always see to it that they see each other regularly.

            I was very nervous the first time I joined the family but I’m a little bit relaxed now.  Waleed’s family members are all kind and good to me.  The only problem is that I can’t still converse in Arabic and I find it difficult to communicate with them and them to me.  I am now learning Arabic and Waleed is the one teaching me.  Waleed has also started teaching me how to pray and slowly introducing me to the ways of Islam.

            Waleed has bought me a new car – a mini red Volkswagen (Polo color concept) car.  It’s very beautiful both outside and inside.  I like the inside though because of the design of the seat cover – a leather with combination of black and red.  I’ll send you a picture as soon as I have developed the film.

            The only problem is that I still cannot drive.  Waleed is working on my student permit now and hopefully by next week, I’ll start learning how to drive.  Waleed will enroll me in the government’s driving school and he said that by the start of the school in September, I’ll be driving my own car.  The car by the way is a belated birthday present to me by Waleed.

            The Ramadan month, which fell in the month of December last year, is again falling in December – but earlier than last year.  It will most probably fall on the 19th of December and this would mean that Waleed won’t be able to visit you this December.  He would love to go but he has to stay because of the Ramadan.  I’m going of course, on the eve of our last day in school which will be on 17th of December.

            I end this letter now with a hope that all is well with you and everybody in the house.


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