So Many Medical Procedures in Just Two Months

THE PAST two months – February and March 2017 – saw me undergoing quite a number of medical procedures and treatments to monitor my various ailments. I have never been busy in my health-challenged life as in the past two months.

PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography), which was ordered by a Spinal Surgeon in order to rule out bone primaries, prior to an impending lower back surgery, was done February 14, 2017. It was my very first experience to undergo the diagnostic procedure and compared to CT Scan (Computed Tomography), which I have had already numerous times in the past, a radioactive tracer (small amount of radiation deemed safe enough to take) was administered via intravenous route, instead of just the contrast media, both taken orally and intravenously. It was done at the Nuclear Medicine Department of the Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) and I had to undergo it twice, the second of which was done February 27, 2017.

Done yearly in March in order to check if there are any changes in the size of the various lesions in both of my thyroid glands, an Ultra Sound or Sonography, came next which was followed, after two weeks, by a BMD or Bone Mineral Densitometry. A visit to the laboratory for blood extraction for some regular investigations, with Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, included, was also done. All three were orders of the Endocrinologist following up my Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Osteoporosis and results were all ready by the time I saw him last March 26, 2017.

During a follow up visit for my operated knee with an Ortho Surgeon at the OPD of Al Adan Hospital, a plain X-ray of my knee was done. Seeing the broken bone fragments healing well, he asked to see me on July 7, 2017, after which, he said, a schedule will be decided on when the wires will have to be removed. This means that I will have to undergo another knee surgery and will probably be done on or after August 14, 2017, one year after the fractured bones were fixed with wires.

The left knee X-ray showing both the front and side with the wires clearly visible. This was taken previous to the recent and last one.

Being a diabetic, I was ordered to undergo Fundoscopy, a procedure which detects early signs of damage to the retina (Retinopathy) causing blindness. This was done March 28, 2017 and the result came back as normal. Done on the same day was Refraction (checking of the eyes for prescription glasses) and it got discovered that I need to change my glasses because of an increase in grades. I have been wearing glasses since I was 17 years old because of Astigmatism.

A visit to a dentist showed an abcess in an upper front tooth and a procedure called pulpectomy was done. The diseased pulp tissue was completely removed then cleaned (disinfected) and the open space temporarily filled. I was then referred to another Dental facility for a root canal treatment (RTC). Two weeks after the RTC was successfully performed, I went back to the local dentist and a complete restoration of the tooth was done. My tooth now looks brand-new!

An X-ray of one of my remaining upper teeth done after the root canal treatment. The broken chip was repaired and restored the tooth whole again.

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