Morbidity 101: Bipolar Disorder

BIPOLAR DISORDER (BD), as the name implies, is a disorder characterized by two polarities: first is high and the second is low. The high is referred to as mania and the low as depression. BD actually was used to be known as Manic Depressive Disorder.

BD, now simply termed Bipolar, is classified a mental illness and when I was diagnosed with it, I initially experienced the feelings of “shame” and isolation, the ever-present stigma attached to the mental disease which the sufferers go through. But as I get to learn more of the illness, I decided to start to raise awareness to it through regular mention of what I go through, by posting Status Posts via Facebook. I have openly shared what it is like when I am depressed and how it is when I am manic. I also have regularly blogged about it and the very first one, originally published via my Caring Bridge site, was shared here with a title as I am Bipolar.

An FB Status Post, dated January 2, 2015, is now being shared for the purpose of raising awareness. It has actually prompted the submission of this current blog story. (Note: clicking the highlighted date will take you to the original FB Status Post).

Sharing the following in my continuous effort to raise awareness on bipolar disorder:

Thank you XXX for speaking out the truth about the most help one can get is from himself/herself. Although I have just been diagnosed, officially, April 2014, I am convinced, reading through the many experiences of people here, that my bipolar actually dates back to when I was a teenager, or even earlier.

“Being now aware that I am, indeed, a bipolar, I continue to observe my highs and lows, trying to get a better understanding of the condition. I have been through depression very recently and it took a while for it to go. Although I hate being in this phase, it is something I have to go through because it is inevitable. It comes with bipolar and that, I understood enough.

“Despite the meds and constant support from my very understanding husband and presence of my family members while on holiday in my birth country, I struggled hard to overcome it, especially, when at the height of revelry and celebration around I was feeling so alone and I wanted to kill myself. What made me surpass the ordeal was the very thought of how it was the last time I attempted to end my life, leading me to finally seek professional help, resulting to bipolar diagnosis in the end.

We do have a say on what becomes of us.”

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