Morbidity 101: Diverticular Disease

UNIQUE as I am, disease-wise, that is, I developed multiple and scattered small and bulging pockets or pouches, called diverticula, in the lining of my large intestine which was initially reported in a CT scan of my abdomen in early 2016. There was no cause of alarm then because there was no evidence of inflammation or infection and the condition, being quite common, has very low rate of complication. In fact, many people who have the disease last a lifetime without any untoward changes to their intestinal diverticula.

Diverticular disease encompasses the two major conditions diverticulosis and diverticulitis. Diverticulosis is the term used when there is a presence of these diverticula in the lining of the intestines and diverticulitis is when one or many diverticula become inflamed and infected.

A Mayo Clinic Illustration.

There is no one cause why these small pockets or pouches form in the lining of the digestive tract. Diverticula can form anywhere in the alimentary tract but is most common in the large intestine. It is usually accepted that some weakness in the colon, under pressure, can give way to this condition.

In my case, I believe that the formation of multiple and scattered diverticula in my large intestine can be attributed to my hyperactive gut because of my irritable bowel syndrome or IBS (another condition which I still have to blog). The lining of my intestines eventually weakened from the pressure of continuous fullness, most especially when I get to be constipated. In IBS, one can have diarrhea or constipation and can have both at the same time. I usually empty my bowel five to six times in a day.

It is then expected that my hyperactive gut can spill bacteria or fecal matter into any of the numerous pouches which eventually resulted to me developing diverticulitis. And this occurred and confirmed very recently by CT scan with contrast IV done on August 12, 2021 during my admission to the Female Observation Room of the Casualty of Amiri Hospital. Two days prior, I developed fever coupled with abdominal pain, constipation and nausea. The last three symptoms I would experience often because of my IBS, but not the fever. When the fever didn’t subside after a day, it’s when I suspected that I might be having inflamed or infected diverticula but still waited for the following day, in early evening, to seek medical attention. I actually got alarmed when my body temperature reached 38.8*C!

There was no need for admission to the hospital I was told and I was just prescribed with strong antibiotics and was instructed to go back if there will be no improvement of my symptoms after two days. Nevertheless, I was given an appointment to see the attending physician at the OPD on August 18, 2021.

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  1. Freda Editha O. Contreras (Post author)

    Many thanks Sheen for the visit and the comment. I pray that I will get well soon and that there will be no other untoward symptoms. Anyway the doctor assured me that there is a very low possibility of the diverticula bursting and leaking abcess into my peritonial cavity. Still I am on the lookout and should this happen I make sure that I will immediately go to the hospital. The earlier it is discovered, the greater my chance to survive. Peritonitis, you see, is no joke!

  2. Sheena

    Get well soon.. take care and stay safe always

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