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COPIED the following Status Post from my Facebook written a year ago today, in my effort to help raise AWARENESS on Bipolar Disorder, one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses around. Sharing openly my brush with it, I believe that readers will learn something which can lead to their understanding and acceptance of those who suffer with it.

Another safe and smooth trip out today to meet my psychiatrist at the Kuwait Center for Mental Health. Home now and these beautiful flowers and plants , as I went around visiting them as soon as I changed into my house “dara”, have always been providing me with joy!


“Been a little down in the past three days or so. The depression has lurked its ugly head again, but thanks to my resolve of never ever going deep down again to this most hated phase of my bipolar, I fought it, now fully aware that if I allowed it to last, I will again be confined in bed sleeping and hating doing anything. The meds are of course helping a lot and I now discovered ways to either increase or decrease or even miss taking the meds, depending on the symptoms I exhibit.


“As I have been declaring time and again, I prefer to be in the manic phase, but not too high as to make me need less sleep and even no sleep at all! The energy which oozes out of my body during this high phase is really unbelievable! And yes, if I thought of something impossible, I will sure be able to do it!


“But full AWARENESS of the condition has now afforded me not to enter any transactions involving money! Something which had put my husband (and financer) into uncompromising situations in the past! The shopping spree which most of the bipolars do when high, I do it by way of giving away cash to whoever I fancy giving! And that”s how I got abused and swindled by a lot of bad and unknown or unmet people in the past!


“Oh, you should see inside my brain and learn of what thoughts I simultaneously concoct in there! Believe me, if I thought of robbing a bank, I easily can! But of course I won’t do that ๐Ÿ˜€ ”


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