OFCI Antique Through the Years, Mid-2015, Continued. . .

A continuation of a report on the activities and programs of OFCI (Overseas Filipino Council International) Antique Subchapter. . .

Here some members are shown signing the attendance sheet. It has been a practice from the very first feeding that members get to be checked as “present”. Mothers are also required to list down their children attending. Older children are directly signing their names along with their younger siblings who are still not at school. Some children regularly come even without their mothers.

Books donated by Museo Pambata are temporarily being kept at the dining area of our beach house. Children and mothers alike are free to visit and read. A Librarian has been assigned and is the one responsible for the books.

Bible story reading and singing are being attended to by volunteer members. In here, Acay Edelmira M. Onifa, a teacher at the local elementary school and also the elected Secretary of the OFCI Antique Subchapter, is leading the community singing which comes after Bible story reading.

This feeding, held May 2, 2015, was sponsored by one Antiquena supporter based in the USA, Thal Tercedo, in celebration of her daughter’s birthday. After this was announced, more people have come out in the open to sponsor a feeding or two.

The children spent some time, last May, 9, 2015, to visit the temporary library and browsed through the books and read while others engaged in some art works. These books were donated by Museo Pambata through Maricel P Montero and are being stored inside the dining area of our beach house. OFCI Antique Vice President Stella Verna Contreras Dacillo, who is a bookworm, is acting as overseer of the books, on a voluntary basis.

The library is still to be built. Only the two-step flooring got finished in time for the Kamayan lunch of Anita’s Kitchen last April 26, 2015. The children since the books arrived from Manila, have been visiting to read any day of the week. A few mothers also have been reading.

The 40th member of OFCI Antique’s special microfinancing program as she receives her loan. As agreed, the loan amount has been increased to 3K pesos, after 40 members availed of the initial 1K pesos non-interest bearing loan.

Here are the high school scholars after getting enrolled May 14, 2015: From R: “Lynlyn” Jovylyn Sansolis, “Johnjohn” Rezile John Onifa, Maymay, “Toto Cayo” Jonas Huelar, Kim Kimmych Justiniano, “Polpol” Paul Aaron C. Dacillo, “Renren” Rhaine Baynosa and “Nene” Freda Rae Contreras Dacillo. One other scholar, Jiared A. Contreras, enrolled at a different school. Two of the students qualified for a special scholarship program of one OFCI member Fe Gimaniro-Kim’s other group which earmarks 5K pesos to be given to high school students each year. There were still two slots open so Fe offered and it was a very welcome and timely help!

Special treat to the children, in celebration of the 1st Anniversary of the founding of OFCI Antique Subchapter, held May 24, 2015.

Still part of the treat which went with the weekly feeding held on a Sunday instead of a Saturday, to time with the actual date, May 24.

The main dish served May 24, 2015.

The drinks serving as the 4th treat for the children and mothers alike – a mixture of Tang orange juice and kalamansi.

A mother holding her sleeping baby is being billed here for the items she ordered, shown in white plastic bag, while her daughter is checking her big blue plastic envelope for items she ordered separate. This was during a discounted sale, at 25% less, of school supplies and basic food items, held May 26, 2015.

Toothbrushes and small sachets of toothpaste (Colgate) were given free to all the children last super sale held May 26, 2015.

A group of organic farmers, led by Joefel Resol (shown strumming a guitar), and coming from Pototan, Iloilo, held their annual conference at the OFCI Multipurpose Center last May 29 to 30, 2015.

A lecture on Organic Farming took place a few hours before the visitors left for Pototan, May 30, 2015. Those attending were few OFCI Antique members and residents of Mapatag. Punong Barangay Leonisee O. Mierla also listened to the lecture.

A group photo of the 19 organic farmers posing with some officers and members of OFCI-Antique. There were actually 22 of them plus a little girl. The owner of the jeepney, with the driver and an aide, locally called a “kundoktor”, were the other three. They sure had a happy time, a welcome respite from living in their farms.

To be continued. . .

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