OFCI Antique Through the Years, in Photos, Continued. . .

Year 2014

After preparing food at the Anita’s Kitchen for the group’s first feeding, mothers, assigned on a rotation basis, moved to an open space, back side of the house of my youngest son.

One of the succeeding weekly feedings prior to the building of the OFCI Antique Multipurpose Center.

Newly-elected officers of the Overseas Filipino Council International, Antique Chapter, were officially sworn in to office by Hamtic SB Member Leonardo Pancho, Jr. last June 10, 2014. Mapatag Barangay Captain Ms. Leonise O. Mierla also graced the affair to give Inspirational Message to the officers and members of the group.
Those sworn in were the following:
President – Sherry Francin Senica Naig
Vice President – Maria Lynrose Alcalen
Secretary – Nida Sison
Treasurer – Thea O. Fortaleza
Auditor – Evelyn Onifa
PRO – Naneta Huelar
PRO – Jayson Manolos Jayson PiƱalosa
Coordinator: Theda O. Ungsod

Actualizing one of their activities of reaching out to the senior citizens of Mapatag, some officers of OFCI Antique, went out visiting to check on the condition of those who reside far from the main barrio last July 6, 2014.

The mothers had to cross a river in order to reach the old people in their mostly dilapidated dwelling place.

One of the 32 old people the group visited, as she held a small pack of milk powder given by the mothers. After the visit, the senior citizens have been sporadically included in the weekly feeding by way of keeping the food in containers and distributed by those members who live near them. Those who are ambulatory and near are joining the actual weekly feeding.

OFCI President Ms Anita S. Schon visited Mapatag for the third time last July 9, 2014, in order to sustain the interest of the members. She brought with her two steamers, through one member Dr. Bert Pagarigan’s cash donation which was utilized by the mothers, on rotation basis, for “puto” (rice cake) making.

Three of the first 12 members who availed of a 1K pesos non-interest loan for start-up capital for small income-generating projects. The first release was done in November 5, 2014.

One of the projects initiated by the mothers, on their own, from their individual contributions of 20 pesos each, is the kitchen, started in early November 2014, making use of free labor of a few fathers.

Mothers are shown harvesting camote tops from the group’s communal garden which they added to the porridge during one of the weekly feedings in mid-November 2014.

Work started November 29, 2014 for the construction of the OFCI Antique Multipurpose Center. Shown are one of the couples who volunteered their services. Materials were bought from each member’s contribution of 20 pesos and some donated bamboos and “pawod” for the roofing.

It’s feeding day, November 29, 2014, and the early comers helped in the clean up of the beach debris (from the storm the previous day) while a few mothers were busy cooking. Carefree as they are, the children played on the beach more than picking up the litters.

The ceremonial ribbon cutting last December 6, 2014 of the “Anita’s Kitchen on Wheels” by special guest of honor, Ms. Margie L. Gadian, InfoCenter Head of Philippine Information Agency (PIA) of Antique, and one of the sponsors, Waleed Buhaimed. The cart cost more than PhP5,000.00, initially donated by the Pinoy Nurses Association in Kuwait, through Susie Abenojar Barbieri.

A parade was held after the ribbon cutting, with the mobile Anita’s Kitchen, on the lead, going to the Barangay Plaza of Mapatag where it got stationed for a few hours manned by three staff of Anita’s Kitchen, the resto.

The second ribbon cutting of the day, December 6, 2014, to mark the opening of the OFCI Antique Subchapter Multipurpose Center, a symbol of the members’ desire to better their children’s condition and theirs, as well.

The inside of the OFCI Antique Multipurpose Center shown prior to the start of the Inauguration Program.

The first-ever recipient of a 5K pesos loan under the OFCI Antique Microfinancing Program showing off her finished products (from her sewing project) when she delivered the orders for curtains, bed sheets and pillow cases last December 12, 2014. She continues to engage in sewing up to this day.

Serving as the last project for Year 2014, a rummage sale was held last December 29, 2014 by the OFCI Antique officers. Basic items were sold at half a price.

Buyers, all members of OFCI Antique, are shown here going around to pick up items, with the officers manning the tables.


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  1. Freda Editha O. Contreras (Post author)

    Thanks for the comment Doc Nelson. Am hoping that other OFCI Chapters, Subchapters and Units can adopt some, if not all, of the projects and activities OFCI Antique Subchapter has accomplished so far. I give time to report, despite my ill health, in order to encourage and inspire others to follow suit.

  2. Nelson A Paguyo

    Excellent OFCI Antique photo journalism documenting the different programs of OFCI Antique Subchapter through the years from 2014 to [I suppose] 2016.
    Good job Freda! Well done OFCI Antique Officers/EB and members. Congratulations. Keep up these projects to serve the local community.

  3. Freda Editha O. Contreras (Post author)

    Thank you, Doc Nelson. I still have to do Years 2015 and 2016. Selecting photos though is time-consuming, then uploading them to go with a blog post. But it’s something I love doing.

  4. Nelson A Paguyo

    Very nice pictorial presentation and documentation of OFCI Antique achievements through the last few years.
    Good job OFCI Antique.

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