When Severe Urinary Tract Infection Strikes

BECAUSE of my diabetes and my compromised immune system caused by my various ailments, I am prone to infections of the ear, gum, throat and urinary tract (UTI). In a year, I will have four to five episodes of these infections and I always manage by increasing my resistance through additional dose of Vitamin C, increased fluid intake, with natural lemon/orange juice included, eating of kiwi and orange fruits and prayers. Also, I take extra rest by sleeping and with my new drug combo for my bipolar disorder, sleep is no longer elusive for me.

A selfie taken by my niece and now full time caregiver and driver, Inday Malyn, as we waited for the lab reports.

A selfie taken by my niece and now full time caregiver and driver, Inday Malyn, as we waited for the lab reports.

In the case of UTI, my last episode was a few days after I was discharged from the hospital following a big fall in the toilet last August 6, 2016. I asked for a catheter to be fixed because I couldn’t move my injured left leg and my back. There was a little blood when the catheter was removed and three days after, while at home, I had another bleeding coming from my urethra (the opening where the urine passes out). It didn’t last long because of my proven ways of increasing my body resistance.

It was a different case though the other day when I woke up with a full bladder and when I peed, very little urine came out and severe pain was felt just before the end of passing. Because of a previous experience, I checked for the presence of blood using tissue paper and there was little bleeding. I immediately increased my fluid intake and drank a lot of juices, ate fruits and took a good rest. The bleeding stopped but resumed yesterday morning. At first my urine was clear and the blood only appeared in the tissue each time I checked it. But in the later part, my urine got reddish brown. I waited for a while thinking that it will just resolve on its own but when I started peeing frequently and already passing frank blood, I got alarmed and Waleed, my husband, immediately took me to the Casualty of Amiri Hospital.

I was admitted to the Female Observation Room just before 2 pm. I was immediately started with IV fluids and prior, blood was extracted and urine sample submitted for lab studies.  X-Ray of my kidneys and urinary bladder was done and the laboratory reports came in less than two hours. A surgeon then came to see me. After reading the lab reports and looking at the X-Ray, and asking a few questions related to my bladder, he endorsed my case to a medical doctor.

My niece caregiver/driver was trying here to entertain me as I was feeling uncomfortable because of the pain in my lower abdomen.

My niece caregiver/driver was trying here to entertain me as I was feeling uncomfortable because of the pain in my lower abdomen.

I don’t know for what reason that I was kept waiting for nearly six hours before I was seen by the medical doctor. Waleed, who was waiting outside, and uncomfortably so, was sneaking inside every now and then to ask if the doctor already arrived. Communicating via WhatsApp, Waleed and I both observed that this time around the service I am getting from the Casualty is lacking. I was confined four times before at the Female Observation Room, and there were a lot of doctors doing the rounds. In fact, up to six doctors would be seeing me. Maybe the doctor who I was referred to is still coming from America! That I joked with Waleed!

Finally, at 10 minutes before midnight, the lady doctor arrived! She said that what I have is a severe type of UTI and high dose of antibiotics will resolve it. One dose of an IV antibiotic, of which I was skin-tested prior, was started at around half past one in the morning. I was then discharged with a prescription and Waleed passed by the Pharmacy and given one strip of a 10-tablet Theraprim Forte which I will have to take twice a day for five days. We reached the house just after 2 am.

Alhamdulillah, my urine is now clear and the pain is considerably lessened while peeing!

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