SPLBE to be Held in Kuwait for the First Time

SPLBE or Special Professional Licensure Board Examinations, organized and conducted yearly by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) of the Republic of the Philippines in selected countries where overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) abound, will be held for the first time in Kuwait this September. This was made possible through the efforts of last year’s officers of the Philippine Professional Organization (PPO) in Kuwait, headed by Pastor Gil S. Bantugan.

Professions covered under this special program are: Architects, Certified Public Accountants, Civil Engineers, Dentists (Written), Electronics Engineers, Electronics Technicians, Mechanical Engineers, Certified Plant Mechanics, Master Plumbers, Nurses, Registered Electrical Engineers, Registered Master Electricians, Professional Teachers, Radiologic Technologists and Respiratory Therapists.

As active member of the PPO, Pinoy Nurses Association in Kuwait (PNA-K) officials, represented by PNA-K President Hengie Vargas Taton, worked steadfastly, on their part, for the approval of SPLBE to be conducted in Kuwait. They were aiming for 2014, but, unfortunately, PRC didn’t approve, citing lack of time.

In an advanced preparation, PNA-K, spearheaded by Special Committee (SPLBE) Chairperson Kirsten Chua, started review classes early last year. Aware of quite a large population of would-be examinees, and very much concerned for the welfare of nurse graduates who are repeaters of or who never gotten the chance to take the regular board exams held twice a year in the Philippines before coming to Kuwait, PNA-K officials didn’t deter and continued with the review classes, aiming this time, for Qatar as the examination venue. In October 2014, the group was able to send a few examinees to Qatar and four out of only six nurse examinees, passed!

Now that the special exams will be held in Kuwait, PNA-K officials are the more enthusiastic to help and assist their compatriots and they take turns in conducting reviews, held every Friday, at our Diwaniya, an extension of our sala.

The collage above was created by Kirsten Chua, posted on her Facebook, and taken today, May 1, 2015, during the review at our Diwaniya. Photo below is of those who reviewed today, with their happy faces shown, for a friendly pose.



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  1. Freda Editha O. Contreras (Post author)

    Hi Hanna,

    Sorry for this delayed response. Unfortunately, Midwifery, is not included among the list of Professions for SPLBE. Kindly refer to the list mentioned in the story above for a complete list.

    Thanks for the comment.


  2. Hanna

    Hi good day i just wanna ask if when you have a board exam for midwifery? thank you

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