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How Depression is a Debilitating Disease

Life is never a bed of roses and we all sporadically deal with facing a stressful situation. Once unresolved, a mentally healthy person experiences momentary depression which is easily surpassed making use of proven solution learned in the past. Their healthy brain is able to readily produce the needed hormones…
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How Trauma Affects One’s Mental Health

Trauma, either physical or emotional/psychological, triggers abnormal activities in the brain, the so-called neurotransmitters, which are responsible for the fight or flight reaction of all living organisms. This is mostly observable in a human being and will only differ, in intensity, between a healthy and an ill human brain. I…
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What a Blessed Year 2014 It Was!

YEAR 2014, is, so far, the most eventful of all the years in my life of 57 years on this earth, although every year of my life in the past was always full of meaningful events or happenings. Highlights mainly concerned my health: an infected toe which necessitated cutting of…
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