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Understanding Bipolar Disorder

“BEEN sleeping a lot, and up to 12 hours straight, as what happened today. The culprit is the Seroquel, an anti-psychotic drug I take for my bipolar disorder. The dosage, although not upped, from its 150 mgs taken in the morning and 200 mgs at night, was changed to a…
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Treating Depression the Positive Way

AS I consciously manage the depression phase of my bipolar disorder which suddenly appeared less than a week ago after long months of both hypomania and mania, I came to realize that the best way to actually cope with it is to accept it as part and parcel of my…
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How Depression is a Debilitating Disease

Life is never a bed of roses and we all sporadically deal with facing a stressful situation. Once unresolved, a mentally healthy person experiences momentary depression which is easily surpassed making use of proven solution learned in the past. Their healthy brain is able to readily produce the needed hormones…
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