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When Appointments Overlap

A “walking hospital”! That’s what I refer myself to lately because of the numerous health afflictions that I suffer with. No less than 10 diseases, a condition medically termed as multiple morbidities or multimorbidities, in short. Some of which are comorbidities, diseases which came up as late effects of certain…
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How I Developed Heart Disease

Heart disease runs in my father’s side of the family and as early as age 33, I exhibited the early signs – chest pain and shortness of breath – and was diagnosed with angina pectoris after a stay in the ICU with ECG changes. This happened over a year of…
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A Health-Challenged Yet Blessed Life

I made an update just now in my CaringBridge health journal, particularly under ‘My Story’ and am sharing it here for the information of those who are not aware of my health-challenged life. Sure I have a lot of health issues yet I still consider my life blessed by God….
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