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When Appointments Overlap

A “walking hospital”! That’s what I refer myself to lately because of the numerous health afflictions that I suffer with. No less than 10 diseases, a condition medically termed as multiple morbidities or multimorbidities, in short. Some of which are comorbidities, diseases which came up as late effects of certain…
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How My Cancer Got Discovered

Today, November 16, 2015, marks my 15th year of surviving a very rare and aggressive cancer – Leiomyosarcoma or LMS – discovered, when a large tumor, thought, initially, as a fibroid, was surgically removed in October 21, 2000 from my womb. The huge tumor was disintegrated when removed, because of…
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How To Deal With Chronic Medical Conditions

BLESSED with quite a number of medical conditions, majority of which are now chronic, I feel I am in a better position to give some practical pointers in dealing with these health aberrations. I can easily claim the most quoted “been there, done that” because of the experiences I went…
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