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Another Precious Life Lost to Cancer

IT’S BEEN three days since my ex-husband and father of my two sons, Barangay Captain Juanito T. Naig, Jr., passed from complications of prostate cancer, and still I can’t believe that he is really gone! A cancer survivor, I can’t stop thinking and imagining how it was with him when…
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OFCI Antique Subchapter Going Strong

OVER FOUR YEARS since its establishment in Mapatag, Hamtic, Antique, Philippines, the Overseas Filipino Council International (OFCI), Antique Subchapter, continues to fulfill its vision and mission and is successfully actualizing its many projects and programs, all for the purpose of alleviating the poor condition of its members and aiming to…
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Learning from a Pitfall

Facebook’s latest feature of “On This Day” is now the trend among majority of users. It is especially being utilized to fill in a post gap for a given day and also a great way of looking back a year, two years, three years or four years prior to what…
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