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Learning from a Pitfall

Facebook’s latest feature of “On This Day” is now the trend among majority of users. It is especially being utilized to fill in a post gap for a given day and also a great way of looking back a year, two years, three years or four years prior to what…
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When a Man’s Family Opposes His Marriage to the Woman He Loves

AS announced last February 1, 2016 – Refer to this link – I plan to publish my second book detailing my experiences serving as a Nurse in an undermanned hospital during the Invasion of Kuwait (from August 2, 1990 to February 26, 1991) and highlight an epic love story. It…
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Anita’s Kitchen Goes Native with ‘Kamayan’

KAMAYAN or boodle fight in the modern lingo, is now the new concept of Anita’s Kitchen, a friendly neighborhood restaurant located along the coastal side of Barangay Mapatag, Hamtic, Antique, Philippines. As announced by trademark owner, Ms. Anita Sese-Schon, also now serving as the virtual manager, working at the confines…
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