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Morbidity 101: Van der Hoeve Syndrome

Another sub-category under Health has now been created and named Morbidity 101. The first I will feature is the latest and newest disease or morbidity I was told by an ENT Specialist to be having: Van der Hoeve Syndrome. The condition is new to my knowledge and I bet not…
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When Bones Degenerate Fast and Become Too Porous

NORMALLY, a postmenopausal woman’s bones degenerate gradually and later Osteoporosis sets in. With treatments, taken religiously, coupled with regular visits to a bone specialist, bones can function well even if a woman reaches the age of 70 or even 80. In my case, my bones degenerated fast and early and…
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So Many Medical Procedures in Just Two Months

THE PAST two months – February and March 2017 – saw me undergoing quite a number of medical procedures and treatments to monitor my various ailments. I have never been busy in my health-challenged life as in the past two months. PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography), which was ordered by…
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