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Government Hospitals In The Philippines Are In Sorry State

THIS is the narrative mentioned in the previous blog post, sent via email to various mailing lists and forums hosted by the Yahoo Groups on October 26, 2006. Subject:  Government hospitals in the Philippines are in sorry state People are dying in government hospitals in the Philippines, mostly poor, because…
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Diagnostics 101: CLO Test and Urea Breath Test

AS announced, this personal blog of mine will serve as a repository of all my written works of old. The free blogs, where these written works were published since 2006, and the ones temporarily stored in quite a number of Yahoo Groups I created and subscribed to since 2001, will…
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A Personal Invitation

NOTE: The following is a copy of my first post to “My Circle of Friends” sponsored by Yahoo Groups, a “mailing list created for the sole purpose of issuing updates (on a person’s continuing fights in life) to her circle of friends worldwide.” It is still up and running and…
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