A Long and Lasting Love

Waleed and I celebrate today our wedding anniversary. January 21, 1997 it was when we were legally bound together. Yes, 17 years of wedded bliss! Ours is the kind which readily fits the oft-quoted description of a “marriage made in heaven.” And if there is such a thing as a perfect marriage, ours is. Well, near perfect, and I can settle for that anytime.

FWphotoWe started together, initially, as lovers, 24 years ago. Waleed came into my life at a time I was grappling to recover from a failed marriage. Less than a year prior, I  put an end to my unhappy marriage, a union, which, from the very beginning, was doomed. As my father told me then, “It will never succeed because you are marrying the wrong guy!” I never listened to his wise counsel, neither to my mother’s and the rest of my close friends and cousins who were all opposed to my decision of marrying a young boy known to be irresponsible and a spoiled brat. I had, of course, my reasons and this will be a subject of a future story for my blog.

Well, we all make mistakes and I finally had to accept and face defeat – something which I hated doing and for this reason I suffered a lot. What is important now is that I found that happiness which every woman deserves.

I didn’t believe it at first that Waleed could be serious with me, a woman who had a past. So, I told myself then that I will just play along with him. Any guy would do for as long as I get to eventually recover from my past failure. I was wise enough to realize then that the fastest way to forget a  failed relationship is to get involved with another man.

Waleed was very young then, only 22 years old, and single who was never tied legally to any woman. I felt bad because I was very much aware I was using him for my own selfish needs. When he showed he was serious in his intention to pursue me, I tried to discourage him. I remember telling him: “What are you doing with a woman who is 10 years older than you are and who was once married with two children? You deserve better!” So I played cupid instead and matched  him with a young and single colleague of mine at work. I actually arranged for them to meet, but as destiny would have called, I ended up being with him instead and my colleague with his best friend! He told me then that he loves talking to me more and that he finds me very interesting and the other girl very boring, LOL!

From then on, I resolved to just allow things and events to happen as they would. And that was when I started to appreciate his persona – that of a young and handsome man who was too old for his age, very intelligent (which was my weakness) and was serious in pursuing what he thought was worth pursuing. Seven months through our budding relationship, Kuwait was invaded by Iraq.

Our love grew during those very difficult and trying months of the war. There was always the fear hovering above us that we wouldn’t survive the imminent danger to our lives. Waleed wanted me then to leave Kuwait, as he feared most for my life than his, but I didn’t want to go. I cannot stand leaving him behind in a very unpredictable and dangerous situation.

And so our love got tested further. And it miraculously survived those seven long months of terror and fear!

What we went through then have actually now become a symbol of our long and lasting love. If we survived a war, what more obstacles then which will come in our lives that we cannot hurdle?

About Author

Freda Editha O. Contreras
Writing is a God-given talent which I try to utilize the good way. I used it as a means to earn a living, my very first job after graduating from college, when I got hired as an Information Writer by the Provincial Government of Antique through Governor Enrique A. Zaldivar in January 1982. By profession, I am a Registered Nurse, and was only able to practice it when I got recruited to work in a private hospital in Kuwait. This was in November 1987 and since then I have been living in Kuwait, now retired since June 2002. Because of my knack in writing I got hired in 1994 to write for Kuwait Times and later became an Editor of 'Pinoy News' a weekly supplement of KT. In March 1996 I published the very first independent Filipino newspaper in Kuwait and the Gulf bannered as Pinoy Expat News or PEN. The paper lasted for only 10 weekly issues. This was followed by another publication and came out first as an insert of an ad paper and later as a separate tabloid. I used then 'Pinoy News' as it was my idea the first time it was used for Kuwait Times. This again failed and produced only three weekly issues. I then turned to the Internet and in 1999 I got hired as a Contributing Editor of Suite101.com, a writers' portal on the web. The last of my articles was published December 31, 2002 but my topic 'Overseas Filipino Workers' was still visible until January 2006. All the 38 articles I wrote have been compiled into a book which I published in August 2007. I discovered blogging in 2006 but was not really serious about my writing. I wrote according to my whim. Having this blog under my own domain name is now a welcome development and I plan to concentrate again in writing. As is commonly said: "A writer will always be a writer." http://fredacontreras.com/


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  2. Aiki

    Great love story tita. You and tito Waleed are really blessed to have each other. Your love story clearly depicts that true love and destiny is real. 🙂

  3. Freda Editha O. Contreras (Post author)

    Thank you so much Angie for reading my love story and for your good wishes.

    My husband, next to God, is the source of my strength. His support, not only in material things, has been overwhelmingly generous, which has allowed me to help my family members and those others who are in need.

    He told me once that he is only after my happiness and each day he asks himself: “How can I make my wife happy today?” With this kind of a husband beside you, you will be able to surpass anything, even sickness, which, believe me, are always attacking my body. Without his support, I would have been buried already 10 feet below the ground!

    It is my wish that other wives will find the same unconditional love and support from their husbands.

    God bless you too. . .

  4. Angie Alcantara Endozo

    I enjoyed reading your love story. May you have many more years of wedded bliss. I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing some health problems, but our merciful God will keep you in His healing arms. Keep your strength of body, mind and spirit with the help and loving care of your awesome husband. God Bless.

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