An Update on My Journey to Good Health

I have been remiss again in giving timely updates to the followers of this blog. Herewith, I am sharing some information as copied from my Facebook Timeline, posted in the past few days, giving you a glimpse of what I have been through lately:

“I think I am a jinx – but a blessed one to have a husband who is fast enough to rush me to the hospital during an emergency such as I had earlier. A jinx who is blessed with a special privilege of being attended to fast by health practitioners at no cost at all! Yes, a broken foot! Hah, can you imagine how it will be when I go for my scheduled colonoscopy on Wednesday? I find it very funny now really my situation. . . ” – 25 October 2013

“So sorry folks I kept you hanging wondering what happened to my foot. Well, yesterday I had the urge to go out and treat myself for a little shopping. Since I mentioned to Waleed that we need a new set of suitcases for our impending travel to the Philippines next month, I asked him to go and not after I am done with my colonoscopy, as planned. He told me to just go with Inday Malyn Gillado so I can really take time buying some clothes as well and whatever items I want for myself and gave me money. It was 6pm when Inday and I left and it was dark and I was in a hurry I didn’t notice the small hump ahead in the parking area. I was wearing an open sandal and my right foot slipped as I unknowingly stepped on the hump. It was good that Inday was holding me, as always when we walk because of my balance problem, or I could have fallen and hit my head on the ground. I immediately felt something crack in my foot and soon enough it swelled. And the pain! Oh boy, worst ever a pain you can imagine of! I informed Waleed and he was already waiting outside the house and off he took me the Amiri Hospital. The X-ray showed fracture in my 1st metatarsal bone. So plaster cast was in order next and then prescriptions to combat pain and swelling. I was then told to go to the bone hospital on Monday for follow up. Because Waleed can no longer carry my weight of 61 kilos, I went upstairs sitting backwards while pushing my self up one at a time. I saw Waleed’s face full of pity for me and the love oozing out of his touch as he supported me and that was more than enough for me to hurdle the difficulty! Am in pain now and I feel the cast so heavy and some burning heat inside. But I don’t despair because this, too, shall pass!” – 26 October 2013

“Good day everyone! Today starts the preparation for the colonoscopy I will have to undergo tomorrow. Just took two tablets (laxative), as instructed and after two hours will start taking Picolax, a powder for oral solution, to be mixed with 250 ml of cold water and taken two more times at 5pm and 7pm, respectively. I am on a no-solid and clear liquid diet since the start of the day. I have to brace myself now for the upcoming constant visit to the toilet and although difficult because of my fractured right foot, will try to manage by staying inside the toilet. It’s good that we have a very spacious toilet – the one which is attached to our bedroom and it’s cozy enough so I will be more than happy to stay in there. My intestines need to be emptied and cleared for a good visualization of the insides tomorrow – the reason for the tablets and oral solutions to be taken at specific hour of the day. Meanwhile, I ask you to read something on my blog. The story has been shared here before and it is being shared again for the reading pleasure of my new friends . . . ” – 29 October 2013

“Sharing herewith a copy of the result. Although noted in the Findings the “possibility of missing smaller lesions submerged under the solid stool could not be ruled out” I don’t worry at all! I will leave it to the gastroenterologist to decide on whether to repeat the procedure or not. Whatever, I submit myself fully to God and I trust His loving kindness and will!” – October 30, 2013

“Alhamdulillah (Praise all be to Allah), the colonoscopy went well today and I was out from the Recovery Room after two hours since wheeled in to the Colonoscopy Suite! And the result? The nurse handed it to me as soon as I gained consciousness and immediately I read the summary: Grossly normal colonoscopy!

“Can’t thank God enough and I did cry tears of joy! My thanks also go to all of you my loved ones and friends who never cease to pray for me and to always wish me well. Reading all your warm messages gave me the added strength to cope with the new procedure. But of course, Waleed’s presence and the assurance that he is always there for me, was the most highly appreciated.” – 30 October 2013

“Good afternoon dear friends and loved ones. Today’s the start of the month of November and in just over two weeks, Waleed and I will be flying off to Manila. I really am looking so forward to this because the holiday will give me that rest from attending to my ill health. Really am feeling tired of visiting different health facilities and I do need a break!

You wouldn’t believe it but on the very day, November 18, that we are leaving Kuwait, I have a schedule for an ultrasound of my neck! And this was ordered by an endocrinologist who I saw yesterday, after being referred to by the doctor following up my back problems during my regular visit last October 21 at the Kuwait Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital. The endocrinologist would want to monitor the size of my thyroid nodule and he mentioned that he might recommend the removal of it. The last time it was checked over a year ago, the size was 1.6 cm by 1.1 cm and it is located in my right thyroid gland. He might also order a repeat biopsy but this will only be done when I return to Kuwait in February. I have an appointment to see him on February 23, 2014 and a week prior, I have to submit myself for some blood exams, with thyroid hormones on top of the list. Yesterday, he ordered an investigation for Vitamin D and a 10-cc tube of blood was extracted. I am to get the result just before I leave for my holiday and inform him, accordingly. He gave me a special number to contact him.

Still am to meet four more appointments: the doc following up my breast on November 3; the ortho doc for my broken foot on November 4; my diabetes doctor on November 10 and the gastroenterologist on November 12. And I remember now that I still didn’t go to the Infectious Disease Center for my yearly flu vaccine. Will time this on my visit with my diabetes doc on November 10. . .” – 1 November 2013

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