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Tele Medicine is Now the Trend

SINCE the COVID-19 Pandemic started in the late 2019 to early 2020, majority of my appointments with a number of Specialists following up my myriad conditions were cancelled. Face-to-Face consultation was not allowed anymore, except with emergency cases where the non-COVID-19 patients are being seen at the Casualty Department of…
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Morbidity 101: Left Peripheral Vestibular Disorder with Mild BPPV

Because of my hard-of-hearing stance, caused mainly by my inherited Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), I got referred to a new facility – Kuwait Speech Therapy and Audiology Center – for assessment of my vertigo and balance problem. This was seven years ago and I continue to be followed up at the…
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Diagnostics 101: Posturography

STILL an old article taken from my CaringBridge site: Journal entry by Freda Editha Contreras — Jun 22, 2012 I finally had that planned visit to an ear specialist. I reached a point where I can no longer postpone it because my hearing has really gone very low despite the…
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