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Tele Medicine is Now the Trend

SINCE the COVID-19 Pandemic started in the late 2019 to early 2020, majority of my appointments with a number of Specialists following up my myriad conditions were cancelled. Face-to-Face consultation was not allowed anymore, except with emergency cases where the non-COVID-19 patients are being seen at the Casualty Department of…
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20 Years and Counting Since LMS Diagnosis

IT WAS November 16, 2000 when my husband and I were told by my Gynecologist that the biopsy done October 29, 2000, on a uterine tumor (believed to be a fibroid) removed surgically via Myomectomy, came back as Leiomyosarcoma or LMS, a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. I…
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Diagnostics 101: Ultrasound or Sonography of the Neck

I WENT to undergo an Ultrasound (US) or Sonography of my neck at the Amiri Hospital last September 3, 2018. My Endocrinologist has ordered it in order to monitor the sizes of the multiple nodules in both my right and left thyroid glands. I will be seeing him on October…
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