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SINCE the COVID-19 Pandemic started in the late 2019 to early 2020, majority of my appointments with a number of Specialists following up my myriad conditions were cancelled. Face-to-Face consultation was not allowed anymore, except with emergency cases where the non-COVID-19 patients are being seen at the Casualty Department of all the government hospitals in Kuwait, just like I was seen and investigated a few weeks ago for fever and abdominal pain. I blogged about it and if interested you may visit the following link: Morbidity 101: Diverticular Disease – A Blessed Life (

The Pharmacy though never closed and those regular patients with a prior list of medicines to be supplied at a certain time are being entertained. It is my personal driver-cum-caregiver who gets my two months supply of the various medicines prescribed by my Cardiologist, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist at the Outpatient Department of Al Amiri Hospital. She is also the one getting the medicines prescribed by my Psychiatrist at the Kuwait Center for Mental Health. I opted to cease getting my meds from a Pain Specialist and an Audiologist to somehow lessen the number of trips out by my caregiver. I am also getting the meds anyway from the OPD Pharmacy of Amiri Hospital. At the Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) though, face-to-face consultations continued and since the Pandemic I have visited my Oncologist twice. My next appointment will be on October 10, 2021.

Early 2021, OPD of Al Amiri Hospital commenced utilizing the Tele Medicine or Telemed for short, which is done through telephone conversation between the doctor and the patient. Appointments are being given online and a patient needs to check the website for any changes in the date or time of the Telemed. Succeeding appointment though is given during the Telemed. And a schedule for a visit to the Laboratory is also given. The Laboratory began accepting patients right after the initial Telemed. I visited the lab three times already this year for my regular quarterly check of my blood for a number of examinations ordered by the three Specialists.

My caregiver and personal driver, Malyn A. Gillado, who I call Inday, is seen here during the very first Telemed with my Diabetologist in early March 2021.

My third quarter appointment with my Diabetologist was done today afternoon. It is my caregiver who again received the call and subsequently conversed with the doctor because I cannot hear. Sad to say I am now deaf and when using my bilateral hearing aids I only hear noise or loud sounds but not the spoken words.

As per notes scribbled by Inday Malyn, all my laboratory results are good, except for the Iron which is low at 6.4. Normal is 11-306.8 ng/ml. He prescribed Ferrous Sulfate which will now be added to my next schedule of a visit to the Pharmacy. Since it will take almost two months for Inday Malyn to get my next supply of meds (she just took over a week ago), I asked my husband to just buy the iron supplement from a commercial Pharmacy.

My fasting blood sugar is good. Cholesterol is now only 2.6 and I am most happy about it. It used to be in the range between 5 to 7. The doctor said that I should continue taking the three meds he prescribed for lowering the cholesterol level in my blood: Crestor 20 mg, Ezetrol 10 mg and Lypanthyl 145 mg. I believe these three meds are the reason why my cholesterol is now in its normal level! Although normal for a diabetic at 8.4, my HbA1C, in the past two years now, never went down to my target of 7. I used to get a reading of just 7 to 7.4, which is within the normal range for a diabetic, but as I age, my diabetes, which is chronic and is at its late stage, the 8.4 HbA1C is still considered within normal levels. Previous result was 8.6. Both my kidney and liver profiles are good despite them having readings of a little more than the normal levels. The doctor said that because I am a diabetic for life, the numbers even though higher than the normal range are still good.

Next appointment is set on December 12, 2021, and he ordered again some blood investigations which is now my fourth and last quarter check. He said that I should visit the OPD Laboratory mid-November.

It is always a plus to be followed up regularly and I thank God no end for allowing me this privilege of being examined, my blood chemistry, most especially, without any difficulty and at no cost at all! It always amazes me that I simply go in for lab works and procedures (just like a Colonoscopy which I have to undergo on September 29, 2021), wait for my turn, go through the process in the fastest way possible, then go out of the health facility!

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